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SunDown Honey Brown

This easy drinking malt forward brown ale is brewed with honey and chocolate malts. See you at SunDown!

ABV- 5.5% 
IBU- 21


Sol-Gravy Stout

Bold Roasted malt and bittersweet chocolate notes blend with herbal noble hops for a velvet texture finish provided by the oats and the soft nitro pour.

ABV- 6.9%
IBU- 51

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SunRift IPA

True to NW style boasting clean bitterness and select American Hop variety flavors and aromas.

ABV- 6.9%
IBU- 55


Belgian Pale Ale

The Belgian Pale is a mildly hopped, red colored beer brewed with our Belgian yeast strain.

ABV- 5.6%
IBU- 36

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Blonde Bomber

Mild esters and light malt character balanced with low hop bitterness.

ABV- 5.9%
IBU- 23

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Working Man’s Wheat

Additions of Coriander and Orange Peel accentuate fruit forward and spicy yeast character for the Belgian Style Wit Bier.

ABV- 4.7%
IBU- 12